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Harry Potter - Noir: I had an idea for a Hermione x Ginny story one night several years ago and immediately wrote this prologue.

I never managed to properly start chapter 1, so I eventually scrapped the idea and lost the prologue until several years later. Dropped Works Strawberry Panic - At Rainbow's End: My beta reader disappeared from my life.

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[dropped]Rumors around school have really been messing with Kagura's selfimage. Miyako and her contagious happiness, and the smile of hers that managed to hide away a monster. Shōjo-ai."Fate-chan is a peeping tom and a pervert. You won't get peace for weeks." She saw the brunette turn and begin to open the door. The next day she shows up joining the boy’s tennis team. ben., Continuing from where episode 26 leaves off: Shizuma faces up to the mess she's left in her wake, Nagisa and Tamao struggle to rediscover their friendship and Hikari and Amane learn the hard way that Etoile isn't all hero worship. If love was a debt incurred from past lives, then admiration was probably a reminder of something left undone... Meeting someone so arrogant, conceited and flirtatious wouldn't change a thing.

Things don't quite work out like people expected them to... Hermione smiled tentatively, continuing to dance to the silence that filled the room.

Ginny/Hermione Currently undergoing revision, edited chapter 1 is up Normally, the brilliant brunette would have scoffed at the very idea of wasting the day away when there was so much to do. She suddenly felt slightly nervous, noticing for the first time how entrancing Ginny's eyes were.

Sword Art Online - Thus Taunts the Fairy King: I couldn't get Asuna's plight in Fairy Dance out of my head at work one day, so I ended up writing this.

I've never written in the perspective of the villain before, so this was new for me.

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