Who is dean geyer dating 2016

Dean Geyer is one of the most striking actors to have hit television is some time.

This South African born hunk has a fan base that spans the globe, consisting of gays and straights alike.

The singer/actor, who was born in South Africa but was raised in Australia, recently proposed to Jillian in New York City after six years of dating, and she said yes.

However, a representative for the couple reveals Dean had to rethink how to pop the question after his initial plans to get down on bended knee while on their annual end-of-year trip Down Under didn't work out as Jillian could no longer make the vacation.

Here we are talking about things like what he looks like shirtless, how he got his start in acting, who he might be dating and yep, you guessed it – This article will provide 5 fun facts about Dean Geyer and offer a number of ridiculously hot pictures along the way.

Their relationship has been open to social media as they share events together or just simply walks, as followers can only wish that theirs will be one that is lasting.

In this way, Dean is similar to other actors from “Down Under” that got their feet wet in Aussie soaps.

For example, both Chris and Liam Hemsworth boys appeared on daytime television shows in the land of Koalas.

Dean Geyer,de son côté, qui s'est déjà fiancé il y a plusieurs années avec la chanteuse de The Veronica Lisa Origliasso, a publié l'un des fameux clichés de la demande en mariage. seriously though, why do we always look so mad when we are out?

The exhilaration and thrill of taking your relationship to the intense fondness level are a lot more distinct filled with unbound happiness.

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