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Astral Weeks producer Lewis Merenstein and guitarist Jay Berliner recounted the magic of those particular sessions. And of those dates, one of them only yielded one song. In 2015, Uncut magazine connected with a number of the people who helped create Van Morrison’s most memorable recordings.In need of a new source of income after the sudden death of her husband, Nancy Botwin (Mary Louise Parker) resorts to selling pot with the help of her late husband's randy brother (Justin Kirk), accountant (Saturday Night Live's Kevin Nealon) and a local drug dealer player by Romany Malco.Rounding out the initial cast are Alexander Gould and Hunter Parrish as Nancy's kids and Elizabeth Perkins (Big, He Said She Said) as an alpha mom who forms a good friendship with Nancy despite a few philosophical differences.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson put it perfectly when he said, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Kate Bush, I’m looking at you. Van had signed to Warners but no producer wanted to touch him, so I went to Boston at Bob’s request to hear him. I don’t know what transpired between Bang Records and Van coming to Boston, but he had obviously gone through a rebirth. There was another session the following week, but I wasn’t available. From there he was flying away, and out of that came a happier person, which was [Morrison’s next album] Moondance. But his relationship with his first record company quickly soured.But Reid was committed to tour America opening for Cream so he recommended someone else for Page to check out, a young musician from the Midlands who had an upcoming date at a college in Birmingham.Page and Jones made the journey to check him out, and Page recalls, “When I…heard him sing, I immediately thought there must be something wrong with him personality-wise or that he had to be impossible to work with, because I just could not understand why, after he told me he'd been singing for a few years already, he hadn't become a big name yet.And to pull that off, he needed a singer who could carry the band through those changes.At the time, a British vocalist by the name of Terry Reid had caught Page’s ear.

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