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The group was subsequently arrested and taken to the Vught concentration camp in the Southern Netherlands.“a dramatic pageant” designed “to raise public awareness of the ongoing mass murder of Europe's Jews.

He has the appearance of an ingenious and sensible man"1820: The revolutionary military leader and de facto Spanish leader, Riego of Spain issued a decree ending the Inquisition.

According to information in the Virtual Jewish Library Jacob b.

Elijah wrote a letter in which he reported that two Jews were thrown from a mountaintop for refusing to obey the order of the Czar to put out the eyes of the defeated Greek ruler.1276: Augsburg becomes an Imperial Free City in the Holy Roman Empire.

(The road from Drancy to Auschwitz began on the streets and chambers of Paris in the 1930’s)1938: The Chancellor of Austria, Schuschnigg, announces a plebiscite on the question of Austrian independence.

His policy was to try and keep Austria semi-independent and to limit the more overt anti-Semitic activities.

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