Updating xbox 360 video codecs

Sitting on top of the player, is a full-color Quick Start Guide, designed to help you get up and running with your new Sky Stream One very quickly.On the front side, it has the usual “package contents” section, which I’ll get into below, button descriptions for the remote control and an explanation of the various ports on the back and side of the device.In the early days of TV sticks, you saw generic brown boxes with no company name or graphics at all.Since then, companies have begun to put a little bit more effort into their packaging.

A lot of places will do their best to bury their contact information. They list their email address, telephone number as well as Facebook and You Tube channel’s address.The streaming device itself is fully shrink-wrapped , presumably to keep it protected in case any dust or liquid gets inside the box.I’m not sure that level of protection is necessary, but it’s a nice touch.If you’ve read any of the older reviews of their products, like the Sky Stream X4, you’ll know that I have a soft-spot for these guys.Maybe it’s because their offices are just across town from me and I like seeing local companies succeed.

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