Tortoise svn checksum mismatch while updating

(It’s worth nothing that other project members probably weren’t too happy, because this resulted in ~100 commits and each commit results in an notification email being sent to our [email protected] mailing list.) During those commits, all the files except 3 were committed successfully.

For those three offending files, the server returned an error message which said that those files were not part of the repository.

Edit (January 1st, 2014): Justin confirmed that Apache SVN setup is using asynchronous replication which explains the first issue I have encoutered.

If you’re trying to create your team project on a network drive, see if you can browse to the team directory using your file browser (File Explorer or Finder).

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I just moved my repositories to another server by copying the pasting the files in the appropriate folder. With the re-install and update of all the devs computers to Windows 7 64 bit, the question ... I installed from scratch an ubuntu 14.04 machine, installed a LAMP stack and subversion.

Everything looked fine while the changes / deltas were being transmitted, but just when the server supposed to ACK all those changes, I have received the following error: I have never received this error before, but I suspected this might be related to some weird consistency issues I saw when I was originally adding new website files and removing old ones.

When I was doing that, I ran a couple of in between the commits and after one large commit, I have received old updates from the server even though I shouldn’t, because the local repository should have all the changes and represent a latest state.

It would be preferable to just use "svn rm oldfile" instead of "rm oldfile" as you are doing your modifications. --force" isn't so great either: it's going to check in all the temporary files and object files that you generate while testing.

It would be better to just "svn add newfile" when you care about adding a new file.

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