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On June 20, 2015, Director Kim Hee-Jung announced that six members of the cast, Belyakov, Quintart, Shakya, Deiana, Williams and Terada, would be leaving.She said the change was in order to introduce new cultures and for viewers to hear the reactions of other countries; with new members to be announced on July 6.

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The new cast announced on July 1, 2015, included Samy Rashad El-Baz from Egypt, a graduate student in Korean language and literature at Seoul National University and a previous intern who appeared on Episode 11; and first time to appear: Przemysław Krompiec, Poland (Chung-Ang University doctoral student and model In September 2015, Director Kim Hee-Jung announced the show would be adding more diversity by scheduling appearances with new "visiting intern" representatives, including those already invited from Thailand and Mexico.

The article adds that more TV shows are adding non-Koreans and viewers are responding positively to the "fun" and "genuine" perspectives they bring to the shows, and accounting the appeal to a growing international audience of non-Korean youths.

The article further poses that this casting trend reflects a Korean society which is being affected by the influences of globalization, and starting to welcome interactions and communication with non-Koreans, accepting them as true members of the community, and, as a result, bringing new energy to a Korean society that once prided itself on being "a nation with one single ethnicity." with a commentary.

They said, "South Korean television stardom is no longer the exclusive domain of Korean nationals.

The emergence of foreign stars on Korean television programs draws international attention to South Korea’s entertainment and media industries.

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