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Skins Pure is a feature-length episode of the E4 television series Skins.

Airing in two parts in 2013, Pure was the second of three feature-length episodes of a specially commissioned seventh season to bring the series to a close.

Cassie returns to the office building where Jakob hid and confronts him there.

He admits that he has no sexual interest in her, and that his photos were purely for the benefit of others.

While in its first six series Skins was a teen drama focusing on the life of Bristolian teenagers, Pure like previous episode Fire is a filmically and tonally distinct drama revisiting one of the show's characters as they adjust to adulthood.

Pure focuses on the character of Cassie Ainsworth (Hannah Murray), a main character in the show's first two series.

The artist shows her a popular website titled "Oblivion," which show some dramatic and intense photographs of her.She then returns to her apartment and looks for Maddie, but discovers that she has abruptly moved out.Later, she learns that both Jakob and Yaniv have left the country.Shocked, Cassie looks through the website and discovers an entire collage of photos of her, some showing her standing by her bedroom window, dressed only in her underwear.Visibly shaken, Cassie confides in Maddie (Charlene Mc Kenna), an acquaintance who lives a floor below her, and, upon further examination, realises that the photos of her bedroom window were most likely taken from the abandoned office building opposite.

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