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The money was designated for several causes but the bulk, £7,500, was to establish a workhouse.

The mayor and burgesses were to purchase: a faire plot of ground within the said towne...

Sir Richard Branson is the main entrepreneur who got me here, he has inspired me so much and he’s very dyslexic too and he started his magazine aged 16 too.' Despite his riches, Ollie never keeps money in the bank.

He has classic cars including a rare original Austin Ulster and The Herbie Beetle.

The impressive building (for which William Brockman, brickmaker of Tilehurst, supplied 200,000 bricks and 20,000 tiles) became known as "The Oracle" — the name possibly deriving from "orchal", a violet dye obtained from lichen.

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A bequest of £4,000 was made on identical terms for the setting up of a workhouse in Newbury.In 1639, the workhouse was reorganised to provide training and employment for fatherless children. Twelve persons belonging to this parish are in different almshouses, and receive from 7d. It is not uncommon for a healthy young fellow, who has ample means of supporting himself and family, to request the parish to pay for the midwife for his first child.The Oracle became a troop garrison during the English Civil War, and then 'an Habitation for an idle sort of Poor, who lived in it Rent free.' The building was demolished in 1850 and the site redeveloped. It rarely happens that a labourer supports himself, wife and children without applying for parochial aid; weavers who can earn 18s.As the Toyota driver follows him, the HGV driver appears to throw the keys down the street.The two men can be heard arguing, with the Toyota driver understood to be saying 'you f***ing d**k' and the lorry driver replying 'this is going to the police mate.'The lorry door can be heard slamming shut as the driver gets back into the cab before driving around the stranded 4x4 and continuing on his journey.

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    However, English rule did not extend over the whole island until the 16th–17th century Tudor conquest, which led to colonisation by settlers from Britain.

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