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Understanding Triple Warmer and learning how to work with it will go a long ways in making the difference from feeling empowered or a victim of your body’s own defense system! Triple Warmer heats the body in three different ways. When the body is in balance, heat is distributed evenly. When you become angry, blood and heat rise to your face, neck, and chest and you become red and flushed, prepared for a faster.

The adrenals promptly release cortisol into the bloodstream and now you are ready to But what if you nothing to fight and there is no threat?It doesn’t matter if a particular food contains the best nutrients on the good green Earth.If your body can’t metabolize them, can’t break them down to make use of them, they are just another poison your body has to get rid of.You can control the amount of anxiety with diet, exercise, good rest, laughing, doing things you love as well as connecting with people that make you feel good.” Sedating Triple Warmer is one more tool to add to that list! Learn to work with this incredibly intelligent energy system, honor it for the job it has done and continues to do to make you safe and healthy. Talk to Triple Warmer and reassure it that you want the best for yourself.

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