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Witnesses caught up in the drama said many sunbathers were caught unawares because the light aircraft approached in silence - presumably because of the reported engine failure.

A man described by police as a 56-year-old, believed to be Portuguese and unrelated to the girl who died, was also killed.

Fred and Wilma, the lovable stars of the cartoon, which first ran from 1960 to 1966 on American TV, could easily be envisioned walking around the boulder - with pet dinosaur Dino bounding along behind.

The first picture of the pilot instructor and a trainee who crash-landed a plane in Portugal have emerged as the last words to the control tower before the deadly incident have been revealed.

He admitted to wanting to 'punch' the pilot after the tragedy as he recalled the moment he saw his little girl being hit.

It took off from Tires near Lisbon, the same town where four people including acclaimed French surgeon Jean Pierre Franceschi died in April when their plane crashed near a Lidl supermarket.

G-Air, which until recently was called Aerocondor, promised the authorities full cooperation in a statement and sent their condolences to the families of the victims.

I could have punched him, I had that right, but I didn't do it.'Insisting the pilot had flown in a straight line from the sea wall, he added: 'My opinion is that that man wanted to land the plane without any concern for others.

He's suffering, I'm sure, but his main worry was landing safely.'He also told the TV channel: 'First I want to make sure my family, my wife and my other daughter, are okay.

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