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These improvements come either in the form of efficiency or qualitative thought, but rarely together.

Oh wait, that was my lecture from a class I just taught.

There were still a few missteps such as missing a few shortcuts, but for the most part, this is still a well-executed run through all 48 tracks.

When it comes to River City Ransom, it can be best described, as how 'yelsraek' put it: One Big Boss Rush.

This is an improvement of 24 seconds from the previous run.

The action is fast in this one so pay attention or you may miss the intricacies of battle logistics.

" This was a thought expressed by 'Uchiha Madao' when he decided to submit a second run for .

It was with this and other careful planning that the run saw an improvement by over a minute at .

Improvement has always been a tenable object that many have striven for over the course of history.

ONLINE, commencée en 2005, ait été très appréciée par un grand nombre de joueurs dans le monde entier, elle doit malheureusement prendre fin. ONLINE DUEL ACCELERATOR s'arrêtera, le 01/10/2012 Europe/Paris.

With how chaotic it can be to be randomly attacked by blue shells or lightning, it can be tricky to get a good time while not getting obliterated in the process.

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