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See Nate Silver, Five Thirty Eight Politics Done Right: Strategic Vision Polls Exhibit Unusual Patterns, Possibly Indicating Fraud, 9/25/2009 where an Atlanta polling firm called Strategic Vision, LLC is suspected of claiming poll results without doing the polls. The Anatomy of a Smear Campaign, The Boston Globe, March 21, 2004.

The results distribute in a markedly nonrandom way.

One effect of these slants is to invite skepticism about anyone who addresses hot button political topics.

The New York Times/CBS News Poll - a useful archive ° On Politics - Washington Post Archive The Pew Research Center for The People & The Press Polling - Public Opinion Online - This is a compilation site organized by subject. ° Eurobarometer - Monitoring the Public Opinion in the European Union ° European Public Opinion - Homepage The Gallup Organization - Gallup has gone commercial, limiting web access to subscribers only. But a few recent summations are present at any given time. The 1995 NPTS Courseware Interpreting Estimates - Sampling Error site shows that sampling error follows naturally from drawing out a part of a population for creation of a sample. In the DSS Calculator, entry of population size of 1000 AND also a sample size of 1000 produces a 0% sampling error, because the entire population went into that sample, so any second sample of 1000 cannot possibly vary from the first one.

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