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I was brought up in a world where if you like someone, you ask them out, and they go out on a date with you.You keep going on dates and if you like the person, you mutually agree to get into a relationship. Now it seems like asking someone out on a date (as in a ‘date date’ like a coffee date as opposed to drinks in a bar, which seems decidedly skeezy) is a bad idea, because it feels like you’re asking them to commit to the idea of a relationship early on.Maybe I’m looking in the wrong places (online dating is tough, but I’m kind of busy and it’s the easiest way to filter through potential partners). Ground Down Grad Student it’s based on because it doesn’t really resemble anything I’m familiar with.I know I sound very bitter, but it seems like that finding a relationship the conventional way these days is virtually impossible and that you need to play hookup culture and all of these stupid games to get anywhere with anyone rather than just being honest. What you’ve described sounds more like somebody’s idea of how “bad boys” operate as reported by someone who’s only heard of the idea before and hasn’t seen it play out.Being open and honest about what you want and what you have to offer is like a super power.It filters out the people who want the same things you do and the ones who you simply aren’t compatible with.I’m not quite sure where you got the idea that asking someone out for coffee (or that asking someone out for alcoholic drinks is inherently skeezy) is asking them to commit to anything other than a couple bucks for the price of a latte but… Unless you are talking to someone who lives their life like an Overly Attached Girlfriend meme, literally sees meeting someone for coffee as being asked to commit to a relationship.

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Whether you present yourself as a potential boyfriend or “not relationship material”, most people are going to take you at your word.So your second problem is whether you’re too “nice” for people who want casual sex.Generally when women tell you that you’re “too nice”, what they mean is that you’re passive and unassuming.Which is fine, but I some of the more casual stuff (sex being part of the pyramid of needs) and it seems it’s easier to go from hooking up to a relationship rather than meeting to a relationship.So it basically feels like prima facie I’m excluded from the more casual stuff because girls make a judgment call about me rather than getting to know me.

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