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That’s possible thanks to Medicaid expansion, launched in Pennsylvania in 2015.

“Getting people connected effectively [to community-based care] has not been a strong suit of any jurisdiction in Pennsylvania, but now that we can assure that people have insurance, things are improving a lot,” Herdman said.

It’s not a new problem; it’s been around for decades,” said Richard Cho, director of behavioral health at the CSG Justice Center.So, on Tuesday, state officials will announce a multiyear initiative aimed at safely reducing the number of people with mental illness in Pennsylvania jails -- a problem that has so far been intractable in the face of criminal-justice reform efforts.The Stepping Up Initiative, led by the Council of State Governments (CSG) Justice Center with support from the state Departments of Corrections and Human Services, aims to gather comprehensive data on how people with mental illness interact with the criminal justice system, then develop an evidence-based approach to addressing whatever’s landing them there.Obtaining data will be the first step to understanding what’s working, and what more can be done.“One of the goals is, we’d like to move it up earlier in the system.

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