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It is crazy that we have to continue paying €300 monthly over the top while awaiting the trial.It is clear that the banks are in the wrong here and unicaja are just playing for time.

According to Ausbanc, the clause was used by banks, savings banks, and banking cooperatives - including BBVA, Banco Sabadell, Caja Extremadura-Liberbank, Unicaja, Caja Rural del Sur, Cajamar and Nova Caixa Galicia - and it involved minimum interest rates of between 2.5%-4%Generally Caja rural de Granada has 4% floor clauses Mortgage “floors” abolished by Supreme Court Posted on June 15, 2013 by David — 2 Comments ↓The Supreme Court has ruled that mortgage”floors” are illegal and must be removed from all mortgages, unless they are an integral part of a complex financial package.

There is one website which gives instructions on how to get out of a floor clause.

the say to (1) Make a claim to Customer Services at the bank's headquarters.

) to say I should have know there was a floor clause so no claim due.

They did drop the clause in August 2015, possibly as people have and continue to make claims via lawyers which are largely successful.

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