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In 1742, St Leonard's rented a building for use as a workhouse, and All Saints was operating from 1746.

By 1776, Leicester's parish workhouses could together house 326 paupers.

Initially, the possibility was explored of retaining and upgrading the three existing parish workhouses at St Martin's, St Mary's, and St Margaret's, the latter being located on Humberstone Gate.

However, it was calculated that the cost of a new building (about £6,000) less the proceeds of selling the existing buildings (£3,650) would be £650 less than the cost of improving the old buildings.

The Time of working is twelve Hours in the Day, Winter and Summer. the Charge of maintaining them weekly is about 40 s. The Children have a Form placed in the Alley, before the Seat of the Parish-Officers, to sit upon on Sundays ; but there is no particular Place as yet assign'd to the elder Poor at Church.

The same report mentions plans for a workhouse to be set up in St Mary's parish.

Dinner-Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, broth, meat and vegetables ; Monday, Wednesday, Friday, cold meat, vegetables and beer ; Saturday, bread, cheese and beer. About £16 in different donations are annually distributed among the Poor of this parish.

The beds are of flocks, and much infested with bugs. Table of diet: Breakfast Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, milk pottage or gruel ; Monday, Wednesday, Friday, broth and bread ; Saturday, milk pottage.

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This changed at the end of the year and, for the able-bodied poor at least, all that was offered was admission to one of the three interim workhouses in which segregation of the sexes was introduced.

The strength of opposition to these caused a change of heart and out-relief was reintroduced.

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