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This page covers Marx military figures that never appeared in playsets.Still, they are often enjoyed by collectors in the same way that playset figures and accessories are enjoyed.Although Series I figures are common in today's collecting market, Series II and even more so Series III figures are harder to find and more expensive. I have not seen anything that provides complete information on either the Masterpiece or Tiny Trader figures.It is common to see Series I figures in good shape sell for , while Series III figures in near mint shape cost and up. I'd welcome further information on them if anyone can help!

These figures were sold individually, as figure sets, and in the 1970s as the company's Warriors of the World (WOW) figures (described later on this page).

He was the first commander of the Soviet Occupation Zone in Germany.

The photo below was provided by Russian collector Denis Rylev and appears to be factory-painted, but I do not know if all exisitng figures were painted.

The 60mm figures were not included in any playset, and my best guess is that they were sold as a set and perhaps individually.

Beginning in the mid-1950s, Marx created figures of many U. generals and admirals that were sold individually, in boxed sets, and as part of a few playsets.

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