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Of note, we see that both children often rotate a piece to its correct orientation even before that piece is near the space it belongs, suggesting that they have already encoded the match between piece and space.

We also note that Camden on three occasions could have used, but did not use, the fact that a piece had a straight edge.

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A careful reading of the action transcript will reveal other strategies that represent the children’s high level thinking.

When children solve a jigsaw puzzle they use various strategies to improve their “hit rate”, finding pieces that fit the appropriate spaces.

They lift a piece, look at it, and then visually scan the incomplete puzzle for similar colors, recognizable object parts, or vacant spaces that are compatible with that piece.

With puzzle pieces that are basically the same general shape (two or three pips with one or two notches), looking at the empty contour of the spaces on the table or the contour of the piece held in the hand will not be very successful.

However, when a space becomes well-defined, as happens when all the surrounding pieces have been placed, then looking over the physical contour of the loose pieces to find a match for the well-defined empty space could work.

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