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We began with targeting a very large segment of users (remember that time I talked about a keyword database of over 50,000 keywords?) but after a few months it turned out our largest (and most active) users were finding us from only a handful of targeted categories.The dated deformation zones in the ZF footwall are both thrusts with top-to-the east kinematics.They are undoubtedly cut by the brittle ZF and thus predate it; they are 1) the Calanchiole shear zone, formed by strongly sheared carbonate hornfelses and 2) the Capo Norsi fault, a brittle fault zone within serpentinites of the Ligurian sequence.

Get a free SEO quote for your website » As you can see in the screenshot above, organic search drives the most significant portion of our traffic. Although generally accepted as modern Homo sapiens, features of the cranial morphology have prompted speculation about anatomical links to the preceding Neanderthals. The human remains from the Mlade caves in the Czech Republic feature strongly in discussions of the transition from Neanderthals to early modern humans in Europe.Intrusive and volcanic rocks between 8.4 and 3 Ma crop out extensively in the northern Tyrrhenian Sea, and their emplacement in the inner portion of the belt is commonly interpreted as resulting from major crustal extension related to the Late Miocene-Pliocene opening of the northern Tyrrhenian Sea as a backarc basin.On the Island of Elba, which exposes the westernmost portion of the prism, the low-angle Zuccale fault (ZF) is generally interpreted as a major low-angle normal fault (LANF) whose Late Miocene activity would have greatly facilitated regional E-W extension in the geodynamic framework of the opening of the northern Tyrrhenian Sea between 10 and 5 Ma.

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