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Frequent travelers on Flyer Talk state that this was still reputedly in effect circa 2014. Sometimes door openings are too small or the ride height too great for them to comfortably hop in.Choosing a later connecting flight in order to tack on a couple extra free nights at a hotel in Istanbul, for example, won’t fly with most airlines.(Be sure to check the visa situation if you’re going to hop out!

While some airlines reach out directly to eligible flyers to let them know about the perk, others keep it so hush-hush that it’s not even mentioned on the airline website.

Sometimes rear seats are too short and they slide off at a stop.

He's still not sure how a leash works and pulls us to every tree he sees. That means that anytime we transport a dog, it's not being done in an environment built specifically for their four-legged needs.

He said that this would be best suited to a Maltese or a Terrier, but a big dog might have a bit of a squeeze.

If Nissan were to put this in production, it's likely they'd be able to make the trunk area more streamlined so the equipment took up less space.

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