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She arrived at LAX with a whole new demeanor – in the past she’s been photographed at the airport looking messy and distracted – hiding and scampering away from paparazzi or even being pushed in a wheelchair. Amanda Bynes has been famous since landing a role on Nickelodeon's sketch comedy show "All That" at age 10.Stores don’t LIKE to catch celebrity shoplifters, and often overlook it if the items aren’t expensive. ) Lainie might have been emboldened by her “successful” earlier shoplifting and took even more. The London concert series was a big deal, but Judy was not up for it.The movie deals with her relationships – both good and bad- at the time.

According to Gelson’s, she shoplifted at least two times previously and they have it on video. She was at a low point in her career- her TV series was cancelled, her Australian tour was a disaster due to lateness and impairment, and Judy lost her role in the film to Susan Hayward because she didn’t show up for rehearsals.

Above: Corey and his wife Courtney Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA Apparently the idea of three pregnant Kardashians pretending NOT to want publicity was more than Paris Hilton could tolerate.

Ever since the Kardashians rose to reality stardom and bumped Paris off the gossip pages, she’s been privately irritated.

And where would the not-so-famous actor Zylka get anywhere NEAR that kind of money?

Photo: Paris Hilton Mark Wahlberg, 46, should be one of the happiest guys in Hollywood – not only is he married to a former Victoria’s Secret model, and they have four healthy kids, but, according to Forbes, he was the “Highest Paid Actor in Hollywood” last year – earning 68 million dollars!

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