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And for the first time, our judging mirrored American political culture.

Megan Hustings and Rachel Hamilton, both 32, are weirdly obsessed with Peeps.The Scottish Executive accepted a number of the recommendations, but it rejected the idea that licensing boards should be able to determine whether full nudity is appropriate in given locales.It also rejected the idea of a compulsory one-metre no-touching zone between dancer and customer, suggesting that this would be unenforceable.But surprises emerged: a homespun miniature homage to the Black Caton 14th Street NW. We almost called in Chris Cillizza to inspect a hanging chad.In the end, the results emulated the lessons of the 2012 Republican primary season: Buzzy cult favorites divided the vote. She modeled the entire project in GIMP, a modeling program like Photoshop.

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