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I can work without constantly having to scroll around the page to find something.When not using for that I can easily open a PDF and a spreadsheet and work on both.Two Thunderbolt input/output ports allow you to connect compatible devices to move data between them with incredible speed of around 20-gigabits-per-second throughput in both directions. Charge the battery of a connected device quickly using the USB 3.0 port.This port charges USB 3.0 Quick Charge compatible devices much faster than typical USB 2.0 cables, so waiting for a full charge doesn’t hold you up.A fine monitor at the current pricing, had it been the old retail not so much. The only complaint, while I give the monitor a 9 the joystick interface was designed by a 3rd grader.This would be much more efficient with a simple remote.So, with over 99% coverage of the s RGB spectrum, this monitor is a great solution for gamers, professional photographers, graphic designers or anyone looking for highly accurate color.* On-Screen Control puts a host of essential monitor settings into a handy window for quick, easy access.

They tend to be near American and South Vietnamese bases, though some are scattered about.

The Panel Software Screen Control is good and awesome too Easy use, and perfectly great !

The M60 is an American Medium Machine Gun designed between the late 1940s to 1957, where it was first put into service with the United States military to replace the M1918 BAR and M1919 Browning.

It forced me to wall mount this device at the lowest position on my wall just to be able to adjust or select options.

Over all rating a 9 joystick is a joke We bought 2 of these monitors. My wife has the LG 27" HD and I was about to buy that one. A little research, online comparison, visit the store to check out the demo model and take 2 home.

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